What is ABZ Really?

What and who is ABZ really? We can tell you what we are not and thst is huge asses in tiny skirts, tats all over the girl and so much metals in her body that if they walked though a magnetometer they would flag security.  Our friends, guests and members are interested in the finer things of sensual and erotic beauty.  We admire and adore Asian gravure idols as well as any beautiful woman that has that special look, knows how to be and look sensual and most of all encompases what we believe is sexy.

The Asian Babe Zone, our Facebook Groups and our Twitter Blog has never been about hard core porn or those types of “models”.  We prefer all models that meet our expectations of the Maxim girl or those that are beautiful and sensual no matter what their ethnic or national origin may be.  Yes, we prefer Asian gravure models but you find young women from all walks of life and those that are not professional models on our website and other media platforms.

If you visit our webiste and it doesn’t meet your expectations then we would encourage you to visit elsewhere since we are not going to redefine our concept of natural and erotic beauty to please you.  Our website, Twitter and Facebook connections are there for enjoyment only.  We have never charged a single cent ever for our content even though we ask for donations to assist in our hosting and bandwidth costs we still provide all our public and private media without cost!  if you come to visit and are happy with what we do then by all means make yourself at home.  If not, then our webiste and media outlets aren’t for you.

Thank you for those that do come and stay and become part of our community. 

Bryan P, Sam A and Ashton M., Admin Team

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