ABZ Web Server Now Offline

We are sad to notify our members that our Buffalo NAS Web Server is offline until further notice.  The connection seems to work only sporadically and checking the forums this seems to be an issue for many users.  We have worked around the clock to resolve the issue and we cannot determine what exactly has taken place.  We did have a major power outage a few days ago however this problem has existed for many months. Buffalo is aware of this issue and has not replied as of this writing as to any means we can employ to bring the Server back up. So much for Buffalo’s tech support.

You can still obtain media from the Web Server by using the Media Request form but to actually log on and download the files yourself is problematic at best.

We apologize but all is not lost.  To those of you wanting to browse the Server Catalogs please allow us 24 hours to provide a compressed zip or rar file for you to download.  These must be downloaded within 24 hours once we notify you via email your media file(s) are ready.  This applies to model galleries, adult content and our Gravure Model Collections as listed on the Web Server Listings page.

Thank you and we will continue our efforts to get the web server back online as soon as possible.  

Admin Staff