Why Join The Asian Babe Zone?

Why  join The Asian Babe Zone? Good question.  First of all, security. If you remain a Guest that is fine but because we have employed SSL security (Positive SSL Encryption) and other undisclosed security features we can assure you that joing us poses no risk to your personal information, financial data or identity.  You can access any part of our website with complete and total anonymity.  The only time we track your IP addess and that is during the Registration process and when a Media Request is made.  By doing so, we protect you since if we see another IP address other than yours logged in we have to assume someone has cloaked your IP, you changed IP or you have a VPN.  In each case we verify that IP against your known IP to be sure you are safe.  We never distribute, lease or sale your email address or other credentials you provide us during Registration.

Secondly, we ask you to undergo an intensive Registration process to verify you are not a leech or hiding behind a fictious IP or email server.  It is imperative this intitial verification take place since we are trusting you to provide us with valid information and if we cannot match information on the safe web we assume you are from the dark web and you will be asked to send us more informative.  Yes, it is time consuming but we have been around since the ealry 1990’s and this technology is indeed “old” but has proven itself time and time again.  We are a small website and do not have the funds to invest in overpriced sophisticated software but instead we use good old common sense with a healthy respect for long standing verification services that we have employed for years.  We also keep very detailed logs and our security software also keeps track of malware and brute force attacks.

Finally, we provide media offline!  Many crooks, leeches and hackers love it when you store your media online.  We learned that lesson the hard way many years ago after both our Web Servers were taken offline and our web hosting acccout demolished.  When we asked the hosting company to “restore” our website they said the backup server was down and so we had nothing except what we kept online and back then that was very little. We also lost our membership data in WordPress..over 128,000 members gone!  So, we are dead serious when we say we have paid the price so if we seem paranoid…we are!

So, why join The ABZ? Because we take our security seriously and do not use advertisements or make money off this website, our servers or our media!  if anything, we pay for the hosting, bandwidth and software fees ourselves since we do not feel anyone should pay for our content and we have NEVER charged for our services or content.  We do accept donations but as far back as I can remember except for sending media via UPS to someone we have lost money each money.  Our yearly cost is around $300.

We have nothing to hide and we have no hiiden code or malware.  Beacuse we do have some adult content online certain web scanners may call us “unsafe” but we have clearly indicated our webiste is not for anyone under 18 years of age.  We also have nerver hosted child porn of any kind and never will!

We hope you join us and enjoy our free content.  If you have any concerns or questions, please use our Contact form and share them with us.  We will do our best to get back with you as soon as possible. Wecome and please visit again!

Best regards,

Ashton Miller, Senior Admin