Tomoe Yamanaka

Tomoe Yamanaka is a sensual and beautiful Japanese gravure idol born in Tokyo on January 16, 1995. Her blood type is A, and she is 160 cm tall, Tomoe’s body measurements are: Bust: 87 cm, Waist: 60 cm and Hips: 87 cm. The reason ABZ does not have a Youtube Channel is this video.  Our staff went around and around with Youtube on this video and eventually they blacklisted our account.  The video is certainly erotic and would make any young man break a sweat but there is no sexual nudity but implied.  After that incident Youtube started deleting videos from our Channel so we passed on the drama and we moved our content to Amazon AWS which we did quickly.  So when you watch this remember if you get hot under the collar…that was our intention!

Her Sexy Gallery (+1370 Photos) is Here!

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