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Vita Sidorkina


After an extended inactivity due to personal illness we are going to finally bring ABZBABES online July 21st, 2018.  This will be a gentle rollout and please encourage your friends to join us.  You will only find exclusive features and services only available to our members by signing up (registering).  There are no subscription fees but we encourage all our friends to sign up to reserve a place of our web server.  We only allocate so many members on the web server to conserve bandwidth and allocation use. Thank you for your patience and please bear with us as we make this transition over the next few weeks.  We will be bringing you a host of new features and services including our own S3 Amazon Video Archive.


Welcome to ABZ Babes!

Yes, dear friend we have started over with a simple approach to help our friends and members of the Asian Babe Zone 2.0 or now known as ABZ Babes. We are no longer a social community but rather a hodgepodge of media services wrapped around our love and appreciation for beautiful women around the world.  We will no longer just cater to our Asian beauties but will also provide galleries and videos of seductive and charming young ladies from all over the world.

Visit ABZ Babes to find our what is new and exciting on our Facebook Groups and access our private and public image servers along with various other services.

Welcome and please spread the word!

Wayne & Rick