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Welcome to the new ABZBABES website!  We are glad you have decided to join us for fun and fantasy and as we move onward expect some exciting months ahead as we introduce many new and exciting features such an updated blog roll, more online videos and private adult galleries!  We anticipate expanding with more members joining our ranks and so please spread the word!

During this grand opening we have also brought back from the past our original website: The Media Landing Zone.  The MLZ will serve as our new media hub giving us expanded bandwidth and growth potential.  We are now hosting all our adult content on Amazon AWS S3 lightning fast servers so you will not have to worry about bandwidth restrictions.

Our 24TB Buffalo Web Server is up and running and contains our complete AV video and photo galleries as well as music and other goodies!  If you have not registered for free and private access to our Web Server now is the time!  We assure you all our media and servers are malware free and contain no spurious or hidden code or rootkits!  We scan our system daily for security breeches and have implemented Comodo 128bit SSL network security for all our websites!

We have not since our inception (1990) charged our friends, users or members a single dime to access our media collections, services or other media portals. For the first time however we are accepting donations in any amount via our verified PayPal account.  Your small but highly appreciated donation will help us defray our hosting and server costs with Amazon and allow us to provide you with new and exciting content in the year ahead!

Finally, thank you to all those who have joined us and spreaded the word about our Facebook Groups and of course our websites!  You participation, contributions and comments are sincerely appreciated!

We will actively engage our members and continually improve our media content offerings as time and funds allow.  Thank you for your continued support and we look forward to an exciting future together!

Please feel free to send us comments, suggestions and even constructive criticisms on your Feedback form!

Best regards,

Your admin team


Due to the costs of hosting these videos on Amazon AWS S3 we have disabled the Video right click menu to protect our investment.  You will no longer be permitted to download this video here but can only stream the video because the video URL is present on the same submenu.  However, you can still download the videos  without any watermark or limitations by simply registering for access our 24TB private and secure Web Server at!  We are sorry but we cannot afford someone dishonestly hotlinking to these videos on their website and running up a huge hosting bill on our account!  THESE VIDEOS are for OUR MEMBERS only!  If you REALLY WANT THE VIDEO then simply Register on our website and you will have access to all these erotic videos as well as our complete model collections, thousands of other media items including all our hot adult content.  Please do not ask us to make an exception!  We are in the process of copying metadata over from one application to another but feel you will be pleased with the end result.  If you have any questions or concerns then leave us a message on Facebook or here on  



Amazon AWS S3 Server

The AWS Video Collection provides users with high quality (HD) erotic and sensual videos from our Video Archives.  We do not stream xxx content from our AWS Server.  You can only obtain adult videos or photo sets by registering and accessing our Buffalo 24TB Web Server available to our members in good standing.

We look forward to providing our members with the best of erotic media and please contact us if you have questions using our Feedback form.