Welcome New Friends (Members)

We want to take this opportunity to thank each of you for visiting and even joining our new website.  Well, I shouldn’t say it’s new since we have been online in one form or another since 1989.  Please feel free to browse around and if you need anything at all just let us know.  We are not worried about how many join us because quantity doesn’t always translate into quality when it comes to loyal members. I should know since I have been around a long time (LOL)….

Over the years we have had Tumblr blogs and Facebook Group over 140K members and I have noticed it’s the same “quality” people that keep coming back to post and interact with each other.  Due to health reasons I gave up the websites and blogs for about two years then decided I wanted to start over fresh again.

If you search on Google you will find hundreds of listings for old defunct web pages but we have tried to keep the domain name and redirect folks here!

So make yourself at home and feel free to post new content, upload your favorite photos and register for access to our private and secure Web Server available 24-7 if you haven’t done so already!

Best regards,

The ABZ Team

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