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New Members Please Read

Thanks for joining our private website!  Be aware we are working on our main media hub, The ABZ Media Portal and it should be completed in a month or so.  It will provide a fast way to access all our services and features in one place!  

If you have not done so please sign up for access to our private and secure Web Server Our dual 24TB NAS Buffalo Web Servers provide thousands of uncensored photos and adult videos for your enjoyment.  We ask you to complete a brief sign up form so we can check to make sure you are a real person and not a robot or leech.  We have tight security but this also makes it safe for you to browse and access our media in complete anonymity and privacy.  We never track your downloads and we promise you will never have an issue with your privacy or acquiring some nasty injection code.  We have been online since 1989 and have no need to scam you and we are proud to say we have never accepted a dime for subscription costs!

We also provide a Link Database Website also under construction at The Media Landing Zone so you can locate cool websites that we feel offer value and quality.  This should be completed is about two months but will be an ongoing project due to the nature of the content.  

Finally, thank you for joining our ABZ Community and if you ever have any concerns or questions please feel free to contact us and we will respond as soon as possible.  None of us that run the websites are full time so please be patient as we have full time jobs and it may take a few hours to get back with you.

Almost ALL our adult content is located on the Web Server for security reasons.  However,  you can find several JAV videos on our main website by entering the password located on the Photo or Video Disclaimer pages.  Have fun and spread the word!

Your admin team,


Upgrade and Maintenance Complete

You can’t tell by our favorite WordPress theme but we have implemented many new changes and features for our members.  In addition we are adding some new plugins to our website that will assist us with security tasks, automatic backups and a host of new code upgrades.  This website and our sister websites have been offline for several days while we have upgraded many of our services.  Look for an exciting Summer ahead!

Adult Photo Galleries Now Open

Unfortunately when we installed a new security application it blocked our Amazon AWS S3 Server and nobody thought to check on that!  So…our bad.  All of the adult photo collections that were blocked are back online now!  Sorry about that!

Reimi Osawa


Name: Reimi Osawa

Japanese: 大澤玲美

Born: May 8, 1993

Birthplace: Saitama Prefecture, Japan

Height: 160 cm.

Blood Type: B



Visit the Reimi Osawa Gallery!


Activation Email Disabled

To enforce our new security schema we no longer need you to “activate” your email since our security software does this for us the first time you Register as a New Member.  Please disregard any notices requesting you to “activate” your new account!  We apologize for the inconvenience but this change will allow us to monitor closely all new submissions from the very beginning until we approve them.  Thank you!

—The admin team  

Tsubasa Akimoto Videos

Tsubasa Akimoto Videos