About Us

The Asian Babe Zone 2.0 also known as ABZBABES has existed in some capacity as a website or blog since 1989.  Initially the website was formed to share our music and movies with our loyal members as The Media Landing Zone (MLZ ).

Through the years the website has branched off into sharing our love for Japanese gravure idols, models as well as other non-Asian girls from around the world in the form of Facebook Groups and as of April 2018 a new website with a much improved user experience.  Our history goes way back when peer-to-peer file sharing was popular and then progressed from there to encompass a variety of file sharing services including our own private web server.

Our purpose today is to share multimedia content and services in many forms including public and private photo galleries, a web server hosting thousands of images and hundreds of JAV and model videos with those whom call ABZBABES their home.

Feel free to contact us for more information if your have questions or concerns.  Your privacy and anonymity are very important to us implementing website security such as Comodo SSL encryption and brute attack protection along with other means we will not divulge.

Thank you for stopping in and visiting our website!  It has been an honor to share this abbreviated introduction and hope you will join us as an active Facebook Group or Website Member soon!

Best regards,

The ABZ Admin Team