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Update News ~ March 2019

Greetings Friends of ABZBABES!

We have not been able to upload much content for the last month or so do to a change in staff as well as changes taking place in our Facebook Groups.  We apologize but we have had to work more then usual and have not been able to update this website.  The good news is we foresee things getting back to usual in the next week or so and then we can begin to upload new content as well as update our web pages.

We have indeed updated the MLZ Web Server with hundreds of new photos and videos and we have at least 2,300 new images as well as many new hot videos to upload as soon as we can sort them and upload them to the Web Server which should take place in the next few weeks.

We do appreciate your patience and trust you have had some good experiences in our Facebook Groups!  Thank you for your loyal support and we will be working as well on updating our new Link Repository  Website located at our first website started way back in 1990.

Best regards,

Your admin team

Southeast Asian Babe Group Now On Facebook

 UPDATE: We have established a new Group for our SE Asian Babes on Facebook: 




We have decided to bring back the MLZ Media Download Portal to compliment our Web Server and Amazon S3 Data Storage.  The website will provide links to Download all types of media.  The media portal will be located at

The website is under development…your patience in greatly appreciated!

Server Connection Issues

15 December 2018

Dear Users of the ABZ Web Server please read this important update. Thank you.

Please be aware that access to our Web Server has been very slow lately and in some cases a “no-go”.  I had a user today help me track down the issue and it is a DNS propagation error caused by the Server dropping the connection when too many users are online.  I also have reason to believe our ISP is throttling our bandwidth and creating “havoc” since we are subscribing to their residential plan and not their pricey business plan. I don’t think this was a major issue with them a year ago but since then we have grown substantially and so has our bandwidth demand.  When the server reaches 85% bandwidth usage I have it configured to drop offline because at that point everyone is only crawling and no downloads will finish. So sorry but there is nothing I can do to resolve this issue unless I upgrade and that would costs bundles of cash. 

At this time I do not have the funds to purchase a business plan nor can I afford a virtual private server or a dedicated server. There are a few tips you can implement that will help us minimize this issue for all of us.

  1.  When possible do not stream any videos, especially HD videos.  It is so much better for the server if you simply download the video and play it on your device.
  2. I highly encourage all users to change from Icon or Thumbnail View to List View to allow for faster page reloads.  
  3. Use a computer when possible.  Data Servers were never designed to be used with tablets or smartphones.  Even though there are Buffalo apps to access the server we highly recommend you access the server using only a fast computer and then at times when others may not be using it.  Busy times are always on the weekends after 1900 PM EST USA time so try to avoid those times if possible.
  4. Clear your browser cache and use Chrome when possible before accessing the web server. Do not run multiple desktop apps when accessing the server!
  5. Please don’t “hog” the server.  Download a few videos or photo galleries then please give someone else an opportunity to do the same then allow a few hours before you download again.  Most users are allocated up to 3 GB per day.  If necessary I will change that to only 1 GB per day if users do not share the server with each other in a spirit of courtesy.  
  6. If the web server is very slow…then please come back later or another day.
  7. Thank you for your patience, cooperation and understanding!  

If you have trouble logging in please let us know as soon as possible.  If you need help or a quick tutorial ( members only) on how to access the web server you can access this information from this page.  You can also leave us feedback here!


Why So Much Security

Why?  To protect you and us.  There have been several attacks on our website and video server in recent years.  We ask all guests to become registered users so we may verify their identity.  If someone is using a false identity we can usually sort them out way before they apply for web server access.  The main reason is however to protect our blog, database and user base from dangerous injection code, malware and denial of service attacks.  Our websites are backed up nightly but we can never have too much security to protect our loyal members. 

Some areas of the website are protected with a password as well to prevent minors from accessing these areas.  Each member is responsible to “police” their own computer and other devices that access our website.

Please read our terms of use, disclaimer and privacy policy of you have any questions or feel free to send us feedback!  Thank you.

The admin team

News Release November 2018

November 21, 2018 
Good morning friends! I want to take this opportunity to bring all our members up to date on our future plans in 2019.
Our Facebook Group continues to grow and attract more guests and thus new members and that is great! We are truly appreciative for all of you whom have joined our family. As many of you know we consolidated several Facebook Groups into “We Love Beautiful Girls”  a month ago and looking back it seems to have been a good decision. However, we want to inform you of some changes that are on the horizon for our Facebook Group.
Beginning in the near future posts made by myself (Rick Sprinkle) will originate on our mother ship website:   (ABZBABES.COM) 
We will continue to post hundreds of HD photos of our models and videos on our website and if time permits we will post a permalink to the Facebook Group to those galleries or videos. However, we have become a stable and growing website now so it is only fitting I support our website to the best of my health and ability. We have a wonderful admin in Wayne Simanovsky and some great moderators that will administer the Facebook Group on a daily basis and will assist you if you have an issue.
Moreover, as you know Facebook censors adult content and our website will NOT do so. We also will provide various services and fun features we cannot provide on Facebook due to their policies and prohibitions.
Our purpose at is to provide a mobile SEO compliant website devoted to our members. Services such as access to our secure and private web server containing thousands of models and videos as well as a personal download service via our Amazon AWS S3 Server will only be available to those who join us as members on the website.
This is not a marketing scheme or in some way a sales pitch. We are taking these measures now since this Group is growing and we can devote more time to our website. Our website is protected by Comodo SSL encryption and we only accept donations as there are no subscriptions or fees.
Since the earliest days (1989) we have maintained an internet presence as The Media Landing Zone, The Asian Babe Zone and now ABZBABES whereby members could safely and privately download media from old cult-campy movies to our extensive gravure idol collections. However, this is only secondary to our main reason and that is to protect our First Amendment Rights as we stand shoulder to shoulder with the Electronic Frontier Foundation and similar organizations. That being the case, I find it impossible to endorse or support any social media platform that would deny us the freedom to express ourselves without the possibility of intimidation or digital censorship or reprisal in the name of community standards. Those “standards” are too vague, subjective and of course impinge on our very right to post content we feel is in keeping with our First Amendment Rights.
Having said that you will need to make your own personal decision but I am not married to any organization that would intimidate, deny access or limit my ability to post art, photos or even commentary we passionately believe in as long as it does not promote hate, bigotry or violence. Therefore, many of us from the earliest days of the 80’s have always promoted independent websites for those who share our interests and like minded philosophy of the Electronic Frontier Foundation.
I urge you to consider your personal digital rights and to what degree you are willing to give up those rights in order to remain in compliance with any social media organization.
Therefore, with all that in mind we will be concentrating all our efforts in 2019 to making our website robust, full of cool features and more interactive. Those of you that are only affiliated with the Facebook Group will unfortunately not be able to browse or download our adult content as we require all guests to become members at before they may submit a request for server access.  

Finally, we personally financially support this website and our 7 Piwigo Servers including a host of subscriptions and other services without any financial assistance or advertisements. 

We invite all our Facebook Group members to join us on ABZBABES for a fuller, richer media experience without censorship, intimidate or bully mentality.  We value each of our members and look forward to serving you to our fullest capacity. 
Thank you for reading this extended letter and have a Happy Thanksgiving to our American members!

Best regards,

Rick L. Sprinkle

Facebook Has Lost It Purpose

There may have been a time when Facebook was relevant but that time has long passed.  It is no longer a true social platform but is instead a marketing giant whose sole purpose is to gain shares and make money for its shareholders. In addition, Facebook fails at one basic point; customer interaction.  They do not even have the courtesy of providing a true support network other than their robot forms and stupid-ass surveys they send their audience.

In recent times Facebook continues to garner attention for unscrupulous business practices as well as censorship on a grandiose scaled cloaked in the guise of “community standards”. Just who comprise this secret entity that controls and monitors your every move, comment or posting in the first place?  Isn’t is strange they will not divulge such not alone make this secret society visible to their members.  Of course not, that would be giving up too much information and we all know Facebook loves information as long as it isn’t their own metadata they are sharing!

I for one have decided to divorce them and leave them behind to wallow in their dust of declining membership and internal strife.  Articles continue to be published about the poor working conditions, sexism, power struggles and other hideous practices inside this public held organization.  It’s too late to salvage their contribution to their members and let it be known they control all the strings that make it their own little utopia.

Lastly, I believe there are much better options such as Twitter, Tumblr and even standalone and independent websites such at this one.  Each member should be free to share within the context of their “own community standards” and not be mandated as to what can be shared with each other.  Sounds like socialistic Marxism to me.  It will be interesting to see their fall from grace since their users are leaving in droves for other progressive social platforms.

Don’t be surprised when you hear someday they are no longer known as Facebook but by some other silly name that best describes their true purpose such as FailBook.


Welcome New Members

Greetings and thank you for trusting us.  We are here to make your stay fun and filled with a variety of hot virtual sexy babes.  If we can improve our website, make necessary changes or do whatever we need to do to make this place more comfortable and enjoyable then please let us know.

The Private Web Server requires registration so we can allocate space and bandwidth.  We do not monitor your activities on this website or on the Web Server and you can be anonymous if you so choose or become friends with others…it’s up to you. 

Finally, refer a friend and have a great Autumn just ahead.

Wayne & Rick, Admins 

Server Access Requests

First of all, thank you for joining ABZBABES. If for some reason you apply for server access and you do not hear back from us within 8 hours then PLEASE contact us at once using our Feedback form here!

There was a recent incident where a member did not get a timely response to their server access request and left the website.  I understand and I would be frustrated as well.  However, due to recent events it is possible for a server app to be missed by accident!  Please do not get upset and leave!  Just send us a comment asking us to find your request with your name and email address and we will respond within 8 hours!

Again, we are not perfect and there are serious health issues at play within our staff.  Your patience and understanding is greatly appreciated!

The admin staff


Dear Friends of ABZBABES,

We have discovered a security setting that prevents our new users from accessing our adult areas on the website  Oppps….  This is our bad since we forgot to change the permission level for all new members that have “author” status in WordPress.  So, please try again and you should be ready to go! 

Please remember almost all the hard core content is located on our Web Server and not our website.  So, if you have not done so (you must have previously signed up for our website) please sign up by visiting the Server Menu selection and clicking on the Registration link.  Thank you and we apologize for the delay in processing your membership!

The admin team


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