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Welcome New Members

Greetings and thank you for trusting us.  We are here to make your stay fun and filled with a variety of hot virtual sexy babes.  If we can improve our website, make necessary changes or do whatever we need to do to make this place more comfortable and enjoyable then please let us know.

The Private Web Server requires registration so we can allocate space and bandwidth.  We do not monitor your activities on this website or on the Web Server and you can be anonymous if you so choose or become friends with others…it’s up to you. 

Finally, refer a friend and have a great Autumn just ahead.

Wayne & Rick, Admins 

Server Access Requests

First of all, thank you for joining ABZBABES. If for some reason you apply for server access and you do not hear back from us within 8 hours then PLEASE contact us at once using our Feedback form here!

There was a recent incident where a member did not get a timely response to their server access request and left the website.  I understand and I would be frustrated as well.  However, due to recent events it is possible for a server app to be missed by accident!  Please do not get upset and leave!  Just send us a comment asking us to find your request with your name and email address and we will respond within 8 hours!

Again, we are not perfect and there are serious health issues at play within our staff.  Your patience and understanding is greatly appreciated!

The admin staff


Dear Friends of ABZBABES,

We have discovered a security setting that prevents our new users from accessing our adult areas on the website  Oppps….  This is our bad since we forgot to change the permission level for all new members that have “author” status in WordPress.  So, please try again and you should be ready to go! 

Please remember almost all the hard core content is located on our Web Server and not our website.  So, if you have not done so (you must have previously signed up for our website) please sign up by visiting the Server Menu selection and clicking on the Registration link.  Thank you and we apologize for the delay in processing your membership!

The admin team


ABZ BABES! Upgraded


We just upgraded our website with faster and more powerful optimizations including new image compression applications and better cache performance so you should be able to surf abzbabes with blazing speed and performance!  Just another feature we provide our users at no cost but make your stay here much more enjoyable and productive! Have a great summer!

Admin Team,

Welcome New Friends (Members)

We want to take this opportunity to thank each of you for visiting and even joining our new website.  Well, I shouldn’t say it’s new since we have been online in one form or another since 1989.  Please feel free to browse around and if you need anything at all just let us know.  We are not worried about how many join us because quantity doesn’t always translate into quality when it comes to loyal members. I should know since I have been around a long time (LOL)….

Over the years we have had Tumblr blogs and Facebook Group over 140K members and I have noticed it’s the same “quality” people that keep coming back to post and interact with each other.  Due to health reasons I gave up the websites and blogs for about two years then decided I wanted to start over fresh again.

If you search on Google you will find hundreds of listings for old defunct web pages but we have tried to keep the domain name and redirect folks here!

So make yourself at home and feel free to post new content, upload your favorite photos and register for access to our private and secure Web Server available 24-7 if you haven’t done so already!

Best regards,

The ABZ Team


Welcome to the new ABZBABES website!  We are glad you have decided to join us for fun and fantasy and as we move onward expect some exciting months ahead as we introduce many new and exciting features such an updated blog roll, more online videos and private adult galleries!  We anticipate expanding with more members joining our ranks and so please spread the word!

During this grand opening we have also brought back from the past our original website: The Media Landing Zone.  The MLZ will serve as our new media hub giving us expanded bandwidth and growth potential.  We are now hosting all our adult content on Amazon AWS S3 lightning fast servers so you will not have to worry about bandwidth restrictions.

Our 24TB Buffalo Web Server is up and running and contains our complete AV video and photo galleries as well as music and other goodies!  If you have not registered for free and private access to our Web Server now is the time!  We assure you all our media and servers are malware free and contain no spurious or hidden code or rootkits!  We scan our system daily for security breeches and have implemented Comodo 128bit SSL network security for all our websites!

We have not since our inception (1990) charged our friends, users or members a single dime to access our media collections, services or other media portals. For the first time however we are accepting donations in any amount via our verified PayPal account.  Your small but highly appreciated donation will help us defray our hosting and server costs with Amazon and allow us to provide you with new and exciting content in the year ahead!

Finally, thank you to all those who have joined us and spreaded the word about our Facebook Groups and of course our websites!  You participation, contributions and comments are sincerely appreciated!

We will actively engage our members and continually improve our media content offerings as time and funds allow.  Thank you for your continued support and we look forward to an exciting future together!

Please feel free to send us comments, suggestions and even constructive criticisms on your Feedback form!

Best regards,

Your admin team

Amazon AWS S3 Server

The AWS Video Collection provides users with high quality (HD) erotic and sensual videos from our Video Archives.  We do not stream xxx content from our AWS Server.  You can only obtain adult videos or photo sets by registering and accessing our Buffalo 24TB Web Server available to our members in good standing.

We look forward to providing our members with the best of erotic media and please contact us if you have questions using our Feedback form.  



After an extended inactivity due to personal illness we are going to finally bring ABZBABES online July 21st, 2018.  This will be a gentle rollout and please encourage your friends to join us.  You will only find exclusive features and services only available to our members by signing up (registering).  There are no subscription fees but we encourage all our friends to sign up to reserve a place of our web server.  We only allocate so many members on the web server to conserve bandwidth and allocation use. Thank you for your patience and please bear with us as we make this transition over the next few weeks.  We will be bringing you a host of new features and services including our own S3 Amazon Video Archive.


Welcome to ABZ Babes!

Yes, dear friend we have started over with a simple approach to help our friends and members of the Asian Babe Zone 2.0 or now known as ABZ Babes. We are no longer a social community but rather a hodgepodge of media services wrapped around our love and appreciation for beautiful women around the world.  We will no longer just cater to our Asian beauties but will also provide galleries and videos of seductive and charming young ladies from all over the world.

Visit ABZ Babes to find our what is new and exciting on our Facebook Groups and access our private and public image servers along with various other services.

Welcome and please spread the word!

Wayne & Rick