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Facebook Has Lost It Purpose

There may have been a time when Facebook was relevant but that time has long passed.  It is no longer a true social platform but is instead a marketing giant whose sole purpose is to gain shares and make money for its shareholders. In addition, Facebook fails at one basic point; customer interaction.  They do not even have the courtesy of providing a true support network other than their robot forms and stupid-ass surveys they send their audience.

In recent times Facebook continues to garner attention for unscrupulous business practices as well as censorship on a grandiose scaled cloaked in the guise of “community standards”. Just who comprise this secret entity that controls and monitors your every move, comment or posting in the first place?  Isn’t is strange they will not divulge such not alone make this secret society visible to their members.  Of course not, that would be giving up too much information and we all know Facebook loves information as long as it isn’t their own metadata they are sharing!

I for one have decided to divorce them and leave them behind to wallow in their dust of declining membership and internal strife.  Articles continue to be published about the poor working conditions, sexism, power struggles and other hideous practices inside this public held organization.  It’s too late to salvage their contribution to their members and let it be known they control all the strings that make it their own little utopia.

Lastly, I believe there are much better options such as Twitter, Tumblr and even standalone and independent websites such at this one.  Each member should be free to share within the context of their “own community standards” and not be mandated as to what can be shared with each other.  Sounds like socialistic Marxism to me.  It will be interesting to see their fall from grace since their users are leaving in droves for other progressive social platforms.

Don’t be surprised when you hear someday they are no longer known as Facebook but by some other silly name that best describes their true purpose such as FailBook.