How can you trust and know The ABZ Babes Network is safe and and not a spoof or blacklisted website?  How do you know for sure we are who we say we are? What about malware or other nasty injection code?  Well, rest assured don’t take our word on it!

Yes, we block our personal identity with ICANN for obvious personal reasons because some people are crazy and will try to cause problems if you ban them for legit purposes.  So, yes many scanners will say we are not “transparent”.  This is silly and stupid to knowledgeable computer users.  Thus, we have made every attempt to provide contact information for our our users and have made it known we are here to answer any of your questions! You may use our Wufoo Contact Form here!

Finally, we are providing you with some independent third party website scanners and a few other nice apps that will indeed verify our website is safe, secure and free from dangerous or hostile code. You may also note we have been verified by Comodo and have implemented stringent security (SSL) for all financial transactions even though we require no subscription fees and never have since 1989. Be advised, we protect our investments and monitor all network traffic, blacklists, malware attempts and other attempt to compromise our web servers or websites!  Your IP address may be tracked in specific areas to protect our media content, services or resources.  If you attempt to defeat these security measures you will be caught and we will take immediate legal action.   See the list below for scanner websites and there may be others available for your review.

  1. Scam Advisor says is “Unsafe” because we block our Identity… Really?! The same report goes for our media portal website, The Media Landing Zone
  2. Norton Safe Web
  3. Virus Total Scan
  4. Securi Site Check   |
  5. Scanner Links
  6. Black List Scan     |
  7. Super Tool 7


We make available to our members an assortment of software applications (web links or the actual software installer) for Windows based computers for many uses.  These include but are not limited to audio and video converters, image tools and editors, compression/zip utilities and other goodies.  These are available on our 24-7 Web Server in the Software folder.  Even though we scan all files for malware or viruses you are responsible for their proper use and we accept no liability whatsoever (please read our Disclaimer).


If you have used FTP before and feel comfortable with uploading and downloading files in this manner, please contact us and we will setup your free and secure FTP account.  We do limit your storage to 10GB per day.  You must remove all files we have placed in your folder within 24 hours or they will be removed due to security. You may use our Media Request form to request an media item be sent to your FTP folder or you may contact us via the Feedback form.  You must provide a valid email address and agree to our Terms of Service prior to setting up your free account.  You are not permitted to use our FTP accounts for long term file or cloud storage or to embark upon any illegal activity.  This also includes storing child porn or other illegal media that may be in violation of any local, state or federal law in the USA.