Web Server

The Asian Babe Zone 2.0 (ABZ Babes) provides a secure and private Buffalo 24TB Web Server to those whom register for access.  You may register below if you like. This server is provided to those who are members in good standing (without any fees and hidden costs) on ABZBABES.COM and have completed the Server Registration Form (we use the safe Wufoo form processor).  Once approved you will receive an email on how to access the web server with your login set.  The web server can be slow at times due to many reasons so just come back at a later time if you can’t download files in a timely manner.

If you are a Member you can take a Photo Tour of a single folder on the web server (Asian Adult Videos: Volumes 1-6) as well as see a screen capture of the main server folder listing as if you were logged on.

Click here to take the Photo Tour!

Server Login Help with Screen Prints (Members Only)

We highly encourage our friends to only use a fast broadband connection not a cell phone.  The Buffalo 24TB  web server supports android or apple devices with an app however smartphones or even tablets were never designed with web servers in mind so your expectations may be not be realized if you use such a device.  Our recommended configuration is a fast computer with plenty of ram memory, a large hard disk for storing your new goodies and of course a fast connection. We scan our server daily and you can be assured the server is safe and free from malware, viruses, root kits and other nasty code.  

If you have questions you may contact us using our Feedback form.