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We provide our quests and friends of The Asian Babe Zone, International and Exotic Women, our Web Server and Direct Download Server a means to register for our free services.  Our requirements are simple: 1) You must be able to read and reply in English 2) You provide us a valid-real email address 3) you are at least 18 years of age and 4) Complete our Registration form.  Simple huh?  Yep…we thought so too and we have been doing it this way from the days of peer-to-peer sharing without any serious breach of security!

Because spammers and hackers are so agressive these days we do not provide for auto-registration nor do we  go through all the expense to make your life easier.  We feel the trade off is fair and easy.  You provide us your information and we don’t charge you a subscription fee for all our very cool services and content.  We protect your identity and anonymity and we get to spend more time posting great content instead of tracking down idiot spammers.

So here’s how it goes…. simply Register below for all our services in one easy place.  If your security check fails in any way..guess over.  You know what to do!

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